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Super-Limited Article Deal 01

What you get:

15 PLR articles on the following hot topics:

5 x Natural Remedy Articles.

A healthy attitude towards the food we eat. (Word count – 814)

Cinnamon. (Word count – 525)

The benefits of Honey. (Word count – 626)

The wonder of Homeopathy. (Word count – 536)

What Vinegar can do for you. (Word count – 528)

Article Sample:

Eating healthy isn’t as difficult or as boring as one may assume. A healthy eating regime can be more satisfying than you realise. This does not mean you have to ignore your sweet tooth completely, and certainly does not mean that chocolate or other sugar rich favourites cannot form part of your regime.

5x Mobile Marketing Articles.

How to optimise mobile network opportunities. (Word count – 543)

Mobile marketer’s guide to setting up a mobile website. (Word count – 494)

Practical mobile networking solutions. (Word count – 508)

Some interesting facts regarding mobile marketing. (Word count – 784)

The mobile student. (Word count – 563)

Article Sample:

Mobile networking is available to almost every person on earth, yet we are not utilising it properly. Why is that?
Most phone designs these days include access to the web as part of a data bundle agreement included in their service provider’s package, so one can access their business from wherever they are, as well as receive information in an instant.

5x Relationships Articles.

Dad’s and their teenage daughters. (Word count – 531)

Dealing with conflict in your relationship. (Word count – 581)

How we can use the values of different religions to enrich our relationships. (Word count – 787)

How do you know if your relationship is healthy. (Word count – 705)

Looking to transform your relationship? (Word count – 662)

Article Sample:

Is your little girl the centre of your universe?  Do you fear every interaction with the opposite sex may result in your worst nightmare? Do you feel the urge to dress her in tattered and torn clothing to mask her beauty in order to discourage interest in her from the opposite sex? Do you wish you could wave a magic wand and be there to protect her at all times? Are you at the stage where you are no longer shopping for camping gear but rather researching the shot gun industry for that unfortunate first date she brings home to meet you?

3x Bonus Articles.

Our African universe. (Word count – 516)

Physical and mental health – To retire or not to retire? (Word count – 768)

What it takes to be a good sales person. (Word count – 819)

Article Sample:

Indigenous societies believe that man and animal can and will live harmoniously together, not at all separating or making a distinction between nature and culture. In order for this organic view to work, nature needs to be prepared and cultivated to provide for human needs. The gift of life is respected and the existence of nature to sustain that life is dignified with religious rituals. Harvesting crops in a respectful manner will increase the positive effect of the plant.

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