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Customer Support with a difference: Each and every support ticket is answered personally and professionally  5 days a week.

•We will handle your customer support emails for all your products/websites/services

•We will answer your support queries 5 days a week.

•Once you subscribe to this service, all you need to do is simply provide us with a few key details about your business and all of your FAQ/canned responses to your most popular support questions, and you’re done.

After that you’ll only be approached for your input on matters that ABSOLUTELY require your valuable time. Leave the rest to us!


HelpDesk Supreme – 80 hours a month for just $1 197.00! ($299.25/week)

HelpDesk Pro – 40 hours a month for just $627.00! ($156.75/week)

HelpDesk Lite – 20 hours a month for just $327.00! ($81.00/week)

HelpDesk Zippy – 10 hours a month for just $177.00! ($44.25/week)