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Kaya FM 95.9

KayaFM 95.9 “Good Music Good Friends” is a regional radio station broadcasting to Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounding areas. With a listenership of just over 1, 47 million listeners, Kaya FM is the fastest growing regional radio station in South Africa, and targets 25 to 40 year old listeners with a mixture of Jazz, Soul, Pop, Traditional African, and R‘n B music.

These adverts are a promotion for a “social experiment” competition called Two Strangers and A Wedding. I produced the adverts, sourced the music and did the voiceovers.

Kaya FM 2 Strangers And A Wedding

Kaya FM’s Saturday Morning “Top 30 Countdown Show”. I Created the imaging, and the bed music, as well as produced the advert.

Kaya FM’s Breakfast show’s Xmas farewell and Welcome back promos.

Live And Switched On Xmas

Live Switched On Welcome Back

A selection of “Spoof” Promos, adverts and songs for Kaya FM’s breakfast show.

Call Him Jeff Spoof

Eskom Spoof

Tata Motors Spoof

Rasta Air Spoof


A selection of the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC)Studios promo adverts. I produced the advert as well as wrote the jingle, and did the voiceovers.

RP Studios Teaser

RP Studios 1

RP Studios 2

An advert for a music festival. I wrote some of the bed music as well as produced the advert and did the voice over.

Global Footprints

The Agency F.C.B. Lindsay Smithers commissioned me to write this, the opening and closing jingle for the first Nelson Mandela 46664 concert held in Cape Town, South Africa, that was broadcast all over the world.

Nelson Mandela 46664 Concert Opener

The Agency F.C.B. Lindsay Smithers commissioned me to write this for South Africa’s largest Cellular network for their launch into Nigeria.

Vodacom Nigeria Theme Song

This is a piece of music written to test the capabilities of the Kurzweil PC2x keyboard.

Satara Demo

These are samples of children’s stories taken from a series that I was commissioned to produce for a company called the ‘Brain Food Company’. The stories are about a group of animals who’s adventures are intended to inspire interest in future careers for children.

The Young Astronomer

The Young Meteorologist